Pushing Daisies

The sound of your voice reaches out to choke me, those eyes never so wild.
Your macabre demeanor so comforting-
A gallery of strife in a garden of dismay.

Lay me down-suffocate me.
String my heart on wire above your bed.
But let each pump reflect what you said.
Send my regards across the sea, for my eyes will never see thee.
A transit lover you will be unless you accompany me.

A love song-lost.
Locked in a castle basement- ball and chain heard only by the mice.
I’ll linger like smoke from a burnt out flame, disappearing with the wind.
Whisking away all that remains in a once bountiful garden.


Original poem and photo

Falling Up Studios


Message in a bottle

A message in a bottle, her final attempt 

Claimed only by thee

Whose brave odyssey gave him the courage to chase it.

Message in a bottle, deliver her! 

His kindness is a tool of protection,

Preventing her hollow heart from caving in.

A careful selection began the

Resurrection of a soul that drowned out at sea. 

Message in a bottle, deliver her! 

Her ocean of chaos

Floods his island of order,

Forming ripples in the sand.

His orderly oasis calms

Her stormy sea.

In his eyes she finds paradise. 

The message in a bottle delivered her.


Original poem & photo

Falling Up Studios