Art Basel Showcase

Art Basel- My first experience

What a whirlwind! I still can’t believe I pulled off getting ready for an art show in a matter of days. A week ago I was wishing I could be involved in an Art Basel event. Now, one short week later, with aching feet and a pounding head…. I could not be more content from showcasing during this exciting time I thought was impossible to be apart of in any way. Life is so unpredictable!!! On Monday, I was invited to be apart of the event and on Friday I partook in my 4th ever art show. This event was a small step towards where I wanna be but it was a step nonetheless! To be associated with one of the largest art shows is the beginning of all I hope to accomplish. I am grateful for all my supporters and buyers that have taken this journey with me.



The venue was awesome! The best one I’ve shown in so far.



Falling Up Studios

Betrothed to roses

Roses betrothed to her bedside

They cling to one another for existence

Wilted blossoms-

Bowing flowers ring out melodies of sorrow

Her heart keeps time

Enchanting aromas dance through the air

Both beauties mourn for the other

Stripped of purpose – peddles drop

In the end every rose fades…

Call her rose tonight


DSC_9139-2 DSC_9144-2 DSC_9155-2 DSC_9161 DSC_9171-2 DSC_9230-2 DSC_9240

If you’re in the Miami area I will be showcasing these photographs and many others at my art show on September 25th!!! Click the  link below to purchase your ticket!! Limited time for the pre sale price of $15. Enjoy a night of art and support local artists like myself! Thank you!!

Original poetry and photos

Falling Up Studios

Message in a bottle

A message in a bottle, her final attempt 

Claimed only by thee

Whose brave odyssey gave him the courage to chase it.

Message in a bottle, deliver her! 

His kindness is a tool of protection,

Preventing her hollow heart from caving in.

A careful selection began the

Resurrection of a soul that drowned out at sea. 

Message in a bottle, deliver her! 

Her ocean of chaos

Floods his island of order,

Forming ripples in the sand.

His orderly oasis calms

Her stormy sea.

In his eyes she finds paradise. 

The message in a bottle delivered her.


Original poem & photo

Falling Up Studios