Art Basel Showcase

Art Basel- My first experience

What a whirlwind! I still can’t believe I pulled off getting ready for an art show in a matter of days. A week ago I was wishing I could be involved in an Art Basel event. Now, one short week later, with aching feet and a pounding head…. I could not be more content from showcasing during this exciting time I thought was impossible to be apart of in any way. Life is so unpredictable!!! On Monday, I was invited to be apart of the event and on Friday I partook in my 4th ever art show. This event was a small step towards where I wanna be but it was a step nonetheless! To be associated with one of the largest art shows is the beginning of all I hope to accomplish. I am grateful for all my supporters and buyers that have taken this journey with me.



The venue was awesome! The best one I’ve shown in so far.



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Coconuts and Corvettes

I recently made the best of some bad luck by having little fun. A coconut fell out of a palm tree and shattered the back windshield of my car! I can’t make this stuff up… Only me and only in Miami! Being distraught over the situation I decided to turn this unlucky event into a positive experience. I rented a 2015 Corvette Stingray to ease the pain of the coconuts damage. All my worries soared away the moment that convertible top went down.

Here are some photos of a model I shot with the car in Wynwood, Miami.